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summer traditions: august: Virgin Mary's Day(The Assumption; Holy Virgin's Assumption; A big Church) - August 15

      The day is celebrated in honour of Holy Virgin who is the protector of family fireside, the protector of motherhood and the protector of women. On this day the first fruits of the season (watermelons and grapes) and also ritual breads for health and for "God forgives the dead" are consecrated in the church and are handed out to people. In some places sacrifices are offered and fairs are made
      In the region of Tarnovo the day is celebrated for oxen's health as it is celebrated on Vlassovden in some other places.

      Church Holiday: The holiday is connected with Holy Virgin's death. She is 64 years old and prays in the Eleonska Mountain when archangel Gavrail turns up holding a palm branch and tells her that her spirit will go to Heaven after 3 days. Before dying she wishes to see all apostles for the last time and then the angels take her soul. She is buried in a cave near by the Getsimanska Garden that is empty on the third day because Virgin Mary revives.

      Ritual table: wheat, maize, stewed pumpkin, fresh loaf, chicken mash, watermelon, grapes.