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summer traditions: august: Makavej - 1 august

      This is one of the twelve Makavej days. Each of these days has the name of a month starting from September and they make predictions about the weather during the year. It is believed that whatever the weather is that is what the month will be like.
      There is a tradition in Northwestern Bulgaria that all the sons-in-law gather in their fathers-in-law houses. After the meal the eldest son-in-law starts chasing the younger in the threshing-floor with a stick and beats them. That is done for fertility of the sheep, the cows and the mares.
      This day is called Egous at some places and is celebrated in honor of the fire and the wolves. According to the belief if someone works on the holiday his house will burn or a wolf will eat some of his cattle.

      Church Holiday: St. Seven martyrs brothers Makavej. Their mother is Solomonija and their bather (teacher) is Eleazar. They die because of their belief during the time of the Syrian rule over the Jewish people.