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summer traditions: august: Seknovene (Obsetchene) - 29 august

      According to the common belief on this holiday the day and the night are "cut" so that they become equal. It is believed that on this day the snakes and the lizards go to earth, as do also the demons, the fairies, the traitors, the dragons etc. This day is considered a "bad" one and people are not supposed to work then. Neither fruits nor vegetables of the red colour are eaten such as water melons or grapes. Red wine too should not be drunk. This is associated with the beliefs surrounding st.John's being beheaded in this day

      Church Holiday: The Orthodox church associates this holiday with the cutting of st.John the Baptist's head and that is why it also bears the name "Obsetchene(Black St.John)",. St.John the Baptist was beheaded by the orders of queen Irodiada who was scorned by st.John when she marries her husband's brother. The Saint's followers buried the body and the head remained a relic. On this same day Cyril and Methodius and their five disciples are honoured too.