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winter traditions: december: Christmas (Koleda, Rojdestwo, Bojich) - december 25

     Bulgarians celebrate Christmas for three days.
     In the past, on the first day, after going to church, in the village square goes a bidding for the buns baked by the girls. It was a matter of honor for a young man, who was in love with a girl, to buy off her bun from the staninik, no matter how much he had to pay.
     Folk legends say that if you borrow salt on Christmas and don’t return it, you will have trouble with your eyes. If your ear aches on Christmas this is an indication that an angel has passed by you. And you have to make the sign of the cross three times and whatever you think of will come true. Children must not play with fire on Christmas for they will wet their bed the whole year. You must not count the stars on that night or your hands will be covered with warts.
      After the long Christmas fasting people eat some of the Christmas offering – the pig.
      This is the name day of all whose name begins with "R" – Radka, Radko, Radostin, Radost, Russi, Rumen, Rumyana.
      The second day is the day of those who have the names of Hristo, Hristina, Yosif.
     The third day of Christmas is Stefan’s Day. Nameday of Stefan, Stefanka, Stoil, Stoyan, Stoyanka, Stanimir. The ones who have a nameday are given gifts and bathed, people sing songs and play the horo dance.