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winter traditions: february: Sretenie Gospodne - Fabruary 2

     This is one of the biggest holidays in Fabruary. It celebrates the forthieth day of the birth of Christ and his reception from the pious Simon, of whom the Holy Ghost foretells that he will not die before he sees Christ. That is why the holiday's name is Sretenie (because of the meeting of Simon andCrist).
     A solemn evening service is held in the church and each youngster that has been baptised is taken to the temple and is preseted to God. This ritual is called vacarkvovenie. There are two kinds of rituals in the church - cleansing of the mother from a sin and consecration of the child into God. It is a custom for the parents to bring a gift to the church -a lamb or a turtledove.
     Women observe the restriction not to work on this day.