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winter traditions: january: Anton's day - January 17

     This day is celebrated in order to protect people from diseases. Women observe the resrtictions that on this day they should not do any work, should not spin wool or knit, or boil beans and lentils in order to prevent from making the plaque and the small-pox "angry". Small flat ritual loafs smeared with honey or treacle are made and are given away to the neighbors as a symbol of health. In the Razgrad area one of the loafs is left in the attic for the "mischief", the "aunt", i.e. for the plaque.
     According to the belief the two twin brothers Anton and Atanas are blachsmiths and they are the first to invent the blacksmith tongs. That is why both Antonovden (the day of Anton) and Atanasovden (tha day of Atanas) are celebrated by blacksmiths and cutlers.

     Church Holiday: The memory of Reverence Antonii the Great is honored. It is written in his passional that he spends 20 years in complete isolation in a building in the desert. During this time ill and suffering peopele come to him and they talk fot hours. When he is 104 years old he defeats the followers of Arianism in an open despute. His success is called the triumph of Christianity. He dies the following year. His relics are transferred into Vienna.