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winter traditions: january: Krustovden (Vodokrust, Nejadka, Popova Koleda) - January 5

     According to the traditions at this day the Dirty days (Mrasnite Dni). are chased away. The priest "christens" water by putting a cross into it. With a cauldron full of that sanctified water and a bunch of basil he goes around the homes of people and sprinkles it. The hosts drop coins into the cauldron and give flour, beans and wool to the preist. Kids can go along with the priests to carry the giftst. They are called cats. It is believed that with the sanctifying of the water and its sprinkling around the dirty days and all the different ghosts and evil spirits are chased away.
     It brings health if you dring from the sanctified water, so everybody does it at this day. People eat meatless food.
     This holiday is a part of the Christmas holiday cycle and some kind of a connection between the New Year and St.Jordan's day.

     Ritual Table: meatless meals.