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summer traditions: july: St. Elija's Day(Ilinden) - 20 july

      ТThis is one of the holidays for protecting against thunder and hail. In the folk belief St. Elija rules over the lightning and thunders. He roams about the sky by a golden chariot with the aim to kill the lamia that grazes the cornfields. St. Elija hurls fire arrows at her - thunders and lightning. If there is only lightning, then people say that this is a fire that comes out from the nostrils of the horses that are harnessed in the chariot.
      On St. Elija's Day a sacrifice is made - the oldest cock. In some places fairs and sacrifices are offered.
      This is the day of fur-dressers, leather-workers and tile-makers.

      Church Holiday: нOn this day the Orthodox Church celebrates St. Elija - Judaic prophet, Jehovah's adherent and an enemy of the priests. In the descriptions of the Old Testament he is presented as an ascetic roamer and an adherent of the only God.