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summer traditions: july: St. Panthelei(Panthelei the Traveller, Water Pnathelei) - 27 july

     This holiday is observed for protection from floods and torrents. It is believed that if the women set about doing something in that day, bad things may happen and a person of the family may fall ill. On this day the migratory birds gather into flocks and prepare for migrating south. That is where the name Panthelei the Traveller comes form. It is also called Water Panthelei because it is believed that St.Panthelei is the master of the torrential rain and floods.
     Fortune-tellers, healers and sorceresses celebrate on this day too because st.Panthelei is also known as the Saint - healer.
     This holiday is observed primarily in the Strandzha region.

      Church Holiday: St.martyr Pantheleimon . He was put to great torture by the people of the emperor Maximilian but remained unharmed. He was slain in 305 and according to the legend instead of blood milk began running down from his body, and the tree he was bound to came into leaf and burst into blossom.