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spring traditions: march: The Annunciation - March 25

     In folk beliefs on this day cuckoos and swallows come flying and notify summer's coming. Snakes and lizards leave their holes and spread in the field. Then wood nymphs and other spirits come back. The evening before the Annunciation men and women sweep their yards and burn out their rubbish for the summer to be properly met.
     In some places people burn rags made from canvas and singe their legs for preventing from snake's biting. In other regions they light a fire and jump it over. They also go round the yard bringing a burning rag and say:

     "Evo! When I am down,
     You should be in the field,
     When I am in the field,
     You should be down...

     With the same aim they light the brooms and rattle with the tongs and the poker saying:
     "Run away snakes and lizards because storks are coming!"
     It is believed that on this day where there is a buried treasure a blue flame is seen. This is the reason why treasure-hunters go round in the night and seek for this flame.
     On this day everybody wants to be satisfied and to be in cash because in folk beliefs if you hear cuckoo's singing and if you have money, the whole year will be successful to you and vice versa.
     People believe that if weather is good on the Annunciation, then the year will be fertile.

     Church Holiday: St.Archangel Gavrail. He conveys the gentle news to Virgin Mary that she is going to conceive from the Holy Spirit and that she is going to give birth to the Saviour.