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autumn traditions: november: Andreevden (Bear day, Andrej, Endrej, Endrevden) - 30 November

      According to the calendar it is considered the beginning of the winter holiday cycle. It is connected with the belief that the day starts to grow like a millet grain from this day on and the sun starts to move like a chicken in an egg.
      It is celebrated in honor of the bear.
      Corn, which is left in water over the night, is boiled in a cauldron early in the morning on this day. When it is boiled it is tossed up into the chimney and people say: "Bear, take that boiled corn so that you will not eat the raw one, the cattle and the people!". They also put in the cauldron a few grains from everything that is soughed in the field and in the garden: beans, lentils, millet, wheat, barley, oats and etc. This is done so that everything that is soughed grows big.

      Church Holiday: : St. Apostle Andrej (Andrew) is Christ's student and one of the Twelve Apostles, Apostle Peter's brother. He preaches Christianity over the Balkan people. He is crucified in the Greek city Petra. His cross, which is X-shaped, is also known as "Andrew's cross".

      Ritual table: boiled wheat and beans grains, fresh bread.