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autumn traditions: november: Martinci - 14-21 November

      The holiday is celebrates in different ways in the different regions of the country. In some regions of Western Bulgaria the celebration on these days is considered as a protection from wolves. The most highly celebrated day is the fourth one called Martinjok. In the regions around Pleven people give a black chicken as a sacrifice and a protection against pip (hen's disease). The chicken is slaughtered by the eldest woman in the family but the chicken is usually on one of the sides of the threshold and the woman on the other or behind the door. The head and the feet of the chicken are bound with a red thread and are hung behind the door. It is believed that they protect the house from evil and magic. The gizzard and the feathers are saved and used as a cure.
      November are bad even worse than the Dirty Days. During this time people can catch different diseases.

      Church Holiday: On 14 November the Christians begin fasting. The fast begins on 15 November and is forty days long.