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autumn traditions: october: Dimitrovden (The Dimitar's day, Mitrovden, Razpust) - 26 october

      Mitrov Day, Razpust- marks the beginning of the winter: "Saint George brings summer, Saint Dimitar - winter.". In folk beliefs St. Dimitar rides a red horse and the first snowflakes fall from his beard.
     This day marks the end of the period for which the farm hands, the shepherds - from St. George's Day to St. Dimitri's Day are employed. In some places, the following day called Razpust, is the day when workers' are paid off.
      On St. Dimitri's Day fairs and sacrifices are made, services are held.
      On Saturday before the holiday is Dimitri's service for the dead.

      Church Holiday: : St. Dimitar - a saint from Thessalonike. He died like a martyr around 305 - 306 AD

      Ritual table: tart with apples, a stewed cock and mutton.