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autumn traditions: october: Petkovden (Petki) - 14 october

      It is a holiday connected to some pre-Christian elements. The rituals done on this day are connected to stock-breeding. The shepherds let the rams impregnate the sheep and meanwhile the women are not allowed to do any work so that the cattle that will be born will be healthy. Fresh bread is baked after the impregnation. Sacrifices are made by the families for health and for a new house. Women bring bread, wine and rakia for the sacrifice. Everyone gathers around the table which is censed and blessed by the priest. Women give each other a piece of bread before they start eating.
      God's church - a ritual which is preformed on the first Monday before Petkovden. It is performed after the whole harvest is gathered. God's church is a sacrifice, the oldest bull in the village is slaughtered. If there are no bulls they slaughter an ox or a ram.
      Chicken church, God's spirit - this ritual takes place in Eastern Thrace only and is performed on the first Saturday before Petkovden. A big fire is set in the middle of the village and a big cauldron is put on it. Every woman which is the hostess of her house brings one, two or more hens, some onions and butter. The hens are slaughtered and a meal is prepared in the cauldron. The whole village gathers, the priest censes and blesses the table and the lunch starts. Before she sits every women gives a piece of bread in honor of God's spirit.
      Church Holiday: Reverent Paraskeva - Petka Epivatska , Turnovska is a saint and an anchoret. The relics of the saint are one of the trophies that King Ivan Asen II brings after the battle of Klokotnitsa.