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life cycle: baptizing, holy baptizing

      The baptizing is the first sacrament that welcomes to Christianity every person who has decided to join the group of the religious. The cross that the priest puts over the baptized shows he has to accept all the challenges patiently. The three tours that he makes around the baptismal font show the joy of the unification with the faith. The lock of hair that the priest cuts off shows that he becomes God's servant. The lightened candles that everyone present at the baptizing is holding symbolize God's enlightenment.
      The sacrament of the baptizing is done only once and therefore it is as unique as the birth itself.
      The choice of the person who is going to lead the new Christian to the faith is very important. He becomes his godfather and is considered as a spiritual father of the child. Along with the parents he takes care of the child and is supposed to guide him to a righteous life. These are the people that bring a big white towel, a white cloth for cleaning the face and a soup for the ritual. For the health sake of the child the parents bring bread, candies and cookies into the temple.
      The godfather gives his godson a little gold or silver cross which is consecrated during the ritual and has to be worn the whole life as a symbol of the Christian faith.