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winter traditions: december: Ignajden - December 20

     The people believe that the New Year and the Christmas holiday start from Ignajden. In the eastern parts of Bulgaria the first Christmas dinner is at this day. The table is set with meatless meals only.
     The most popular thing for that holiday is the ritual "polazwane" (crawling). It depends on whoever enters in the house on Ignajden what the next year would be like. If the man who enters first is a good man there will be luck and success in everything in the house during the whole next year. If that someone is not a lucky man there will not be welfare for the home and especially for the economy during the year. If the man is good and he has had happiness in the previous year, the hosts give the man their blessing and invite him or her to be their spolaznik (the man who enters the house first) next year as well. In case the spolaznik is bad and brings unhappiness and unfortune to the house during the whole year they send him off with curses: "I wish your leg was broken so that you couldn't come." "I wish you had gone blind so that you couldn't see the door.".