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winter traditions: january: St. John - January 7

     On this holiday the ritual bathing from St. Jordan's Day continues. All over the place the godfather or the brother-in-law baths the young couple. The lads go round the houses and bath the people celebrating their name day, the lasses and the young men. If a person does not want to be bathed, he or she can redeem himself or herself.
     In folk beliefs St. John is protector of the godfather and brotherhood. This is the reason why families stay with their godfathers on this day. On St. John disguised groups of people from the New Year's Day cease going around.
     In some places carol singers take the tsar away to the riverbank and bath him. Then he stands treat and the men disguise as bears, bride, Negroes, etc. After the treat all people play a folk holiday dance with which the Christmas festive cycle is put to an end.

     Church Holiday: It is celebrated in honour of John the Baptist who points at Jesus as the messenger of God. John the Baptist is called the Forerunner because he predicts Jesus' coming on earth.

     Ritual Table: dried fruit compote, pie with cheese, boiled wheat, beans, black pudding, baked flat sausage, pig's ribs with cabbage.