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winter traditions: january: Karamanovden - January 2

     This is the second day of Survaki, which is celebrated, for health of the livestock - oxes, buffaloes, horses, dunkies, etc. It is connected with the custom of shoveling the cattle-shed. This custom is executed by a group of men, usually those who have been carol-singers (koledars). This group goes around the village and shovels the cattle-sheds that have not been shoveled since Christmas. While they are cleaning the host should not enter the yard and should not see the men that shovel and sometimes instead of cleaning thay do the opposite. This happens only in cases in which some of the men that shovel are angry with the hosts and do that as revenge.
     When the men finish with the shoveling they take the bag with bread, meat and wine that has been left for them and leave.
     At this day it is not allowed to eat pork and bacon, which is for the wellbeing of the oxes. The holiday ends with a big horo on the square.

     Church Holiday: At this day the Orthodox Church honors St. Silvestry whose name is connected with a very ineresting legend. The magician Zamvrii who has not been a Christian kills an ox while whispering the name of a god. St. Silvestry finds out about this event and makes the magician save the animal because only God has the right to give and take life. Zamvrii does not manage to save the animal but trusting in his faith Silvesrty gives the life back to the animal. This is the reason why he is considered the patron of the animals and especially the oxes.