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winter traditions: Dirty Days - 25 december - 6 december

      According to the national calendar the days from Christmas to St. Jordan’s Day are thought to be unclean (dirty) days because impure forces (karakonjoli) that mean mischief to people appear. For protection against these forces people observe a series of forbiddances -not going out at night, wedding and working-bees are not done, male cloths are not sewn for protection against wolves. It is believed that if during these days a baby is conceived he or she will become a bad person, he/she will see vampires, etc. In the night before St. Vassil’s day a bonfire is lighted that stays lit for three days and three nights.
     Everyone has to put a piece of wood into the fire and the last morning to rake it up so that flickers come out. This act represents health and fertility. The rest of the ashes are sprinkled around the houses as a protection from evil forces.