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summer traditions: july: Sveti Vrach (The saint healer) - 1 july

      Sveti Vrach is a holiday of all the healers, fortune-tellers, sorceress and herbalists. It is connected to the faith in the saint healers Kouzma and Damjan. Women do not work on this day to keep from a man of the family or the cattle getting ill. All the fortune-tellers and sorceress take out the herbs they have gathered on Enjovden and sort each herb for the disease that it heals.
      In the evening before the holiday ill, infirm and blind people spend the night in the church or the chapel that has the mane of the saints. Sacrifices are often offered.

      Church Holiday: The Christian cult to the two brothers who were healers and whose lives were filled with many miracles connected to healing of deafness, blindness, etc. They are also famous as St. Bezsrebrenici (with no silver) as they did not take any rewards for what they did.