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autumn traditions: november: Michaelmas (Michelmas, Rangelovden, St. Rangel, St. Archangel Mihail's Fair) - november 8

      In folk beliefs human's soul can be parted from the body, if only St. Rangel comes and takes it. He is one of the six brothers (heroes), who received the dead by partition of the world. He is called a tormentor because he harasses human's soul.
      This day is celebrated in St. Rangel's honour, in honour of the death for the man to be at ease when his life is harassed.
      In many places on this day a sacrifice is made for the Saint. Ritual breads are baked. They are similar to those prepared for burials and commemorations. Ritual breads are mainly two and are called Rangel's dishes and consecrated bread. The eldest in the house breaks up the bread in the form of a cross, sprays it with some wine and blesses: "St. Archangel, St. Nicholas and all saints, help us, we respect you and make a roll, so that rye be yielded and reach the ceiling!…". Corn is handed out which everybody takes in two hands for the year to be bounteous and he or she utters: "As much are the grains, as many are the bowls and health.".
      On Michaelmas is the Rangel's service for the dead - one of the biggest during the year. Official service is carried out in the church. In some places village fairs and sacrifices are organized. In some regions the ritual that is typical of Mishinden is carried out, but now the aim is people to protect themselves from wolves and bears.

      Church Holiday: St. Mihail is one of the seven angels who are always standing in front of the God's throne. He is portrayed holding a spear, trampling on the devil. Archangel Mihail presents the God's words, archangel Gavrail is the bearer of God's secrets, Rafail is the healer of infirmities, Uriil - the soul's enlightener, Salatiil is the defender before God, Uehudiil is the one who glorifies God and Varahiil is the messenger of God's blessings. Angels are protectors of the human race and every human being is given a guardian angel by birth

      Ritual table: ritual bread, red wine and mutton.