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autumn traditions: october: The Mouse day (Mshinden, Mouse day, Razpushtane, Poganci, Nistor) - 27 October

      It is a mouse holiday. It is celebrated in different days in the various parts of Bulgaria: Eastern Bulgaria - on 24 October (St. Catherine’s day); Southwestern Bulgaria - on the first Monday of the Easter fast, Strandzha and the Rhodopy Mountains - during the first three days of February(Triohontsi); Thracian part of Bulgaria - from Christmas until St. Jordan’s day.
     There are a number of traditions and restrictions enforced as a protection from the mice. Women are not allowed to work, they shouldn’t weave or saw, they shouldn’t use sharp objects so that the mice don’t damage the clothes and the crops with their sharp teeth.      In some areas people make "Mice Weddings"; to protect themselves from the harmful rodents. There is a legend saying that mice came from the abdomen of a pagan who St. Nestor defeated in a battle. And according to another legend all the mice, snakes and moles came out of the devil’s body that exploded after he smelled the odor of incense.