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autumn traditions: september: Krustovden (The cross day) - 14 september

      It is a holiday connected to the end of the summer and the beginning of the winter economic season. The soughing of the winter crops can start from Krustovden or from Simeonovden. The seed that will be used for the soughing is sanctified on this day, and in some regions people start to pick the grapes.
      Fairs for the whole village are organized in some places and they give sacrifices for health's sake. The autumn working-bee and the active premarital season start. In Thrace the lads do the ritual "djamala" at those working-bees.

      Church Holiday: it is dedicated to "the ascent of the Holy life-giving cross of God". The Christians do not own the Cross of Christ in the first three centenaries. Its seeking starts under the order of Emperor Constantine the Great (see Constantine and Helen). According to the legend Helen goes to Jerusalem and finds the Cross of Christ.