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     Dear visitors,

     This site is designed for those of you interested in acquiring knowledge about the traditions of celebrating some past Bulgarian customs and rites. Not only will the information here help you get a deeper perspective on Bulgarian life and traditions, but also it will let you submerge into our spiritual mood. Here are represented some of the most significant religious and national holidays celebrated from far-distant times up until the middle of 20th century.

     Every national calendar is a peculiar and rigidly created system for organizing and defining the time of a year. Usually, it is divided into phases depending on the natural and agricultural cycles. The traditional Bulgarian culture shares a similar partition. The dual seasonal division of the year, which has become a commonplace after the official adoption of the Christianity and the Christian calendar, is regulated by St. George’s and The Dimitar’s days. A traditional Bulgarian saying states that Saint Dimitar brings along the winter season, and Saint George - the summer. Thus, according to those two holidays the year is divided into two comparatively closed seasonal and agricultural cycles. This traditional concept of the calendar year was used until the middle of the 20th century and was of a significant importance for the agricultural activity of the Bulgarians.

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